Mobile Aesthetics Catering to Your Confidence

Medical aesthetics is one of the most innovative and ever-growing fields in healthcare. Consistently, we see new procedures, technologies, products, companies, etc. emerge within the market. Medspas are opening all over the Phoenix Valley, and they are at the most competitive state the industry has seen. Although this provides more access for patients, the struggle for medspas to thrive increases as each new business enters the market. One of the best ways to surpass this challenge is to find a niche. Most people choose specific services such as peels, fillers, or laser treatments, but I chose mobile aesthetics. 

Why We Started Our Mobile Medspa

Aesthetic 2U is a modern mobile medspa offering a variety of services at the comfort and convenience of individuals. There are various reasons a person may not be utilizing a clinic near them: their work schedule doesn’t accommodate regular business hours, they have to take care of children or family members, they desire privacy, or they have a fear of medical offices. Building a mobile medical spa and traveling to a patient’s workplace or home allows us to overcome the obstacles preventing said individuals from treating themselves to medical aesthetic procedures. 

My goal with Aesthetic2U is to encourage and remind women that self-care is important. Excessive work hours and business schedules should not be a reason for preventing someone from the happiness and confidence they get from rejuvenating their appearance. Embarrassed? Worried what other individuals will think if you utilize Botox, fillers, or other aesthetic services? Don’t let your embarrassment stop you! We offer these services in the privacy of your own home so you don’t have to worry about judgement from others.

Our Medspa Wellness Services

On top of aesthetic procedures, A2U offers mobile visits for wellness, specifically nutritional IVs and hormone replacement therapy. What do these have to do with aesthetics and beauty? Everything! Vitamins, minerals, and hormones are an essential key factor for maintaining youth — on the inside and out. How so? I will teach you. In my future posts, I intend to share my knowledge and educate women not only on how nutrition and hormones affect our skin, body,  and the aging process, but tips on when and how to manage these aspects of our health. Along with this, I provide insight on aesthetic procedures, including how soon, how often, and if you should be getting them done. 

Invest In Your Wellness With A2U

I am a firm believer that beauty comes from the inside out, and every woman deserves the opportunity to feel young, alive, and confident. There is no reason that we as women cannot be successful individuals in all aspects of life while looking and feeling our absolute best. Do not sacrifice your beauty and self-assurance for the sake of busy life schedules or the fear of what others may think.

Aesthetic2U is excited about the opportunity to come to you and address your concerns. Do not waste any more time questioning how you will manage to squeeze time in for yourself. Schedule it. Schedule time for yourself. Aesthetic2U will travel where is needed, so you may blossom into a more youthful you. Call me at 602-661-0411 today to learn more about my services and to schedule a service now.

Dr. Michele Saydman NMD

Mobile Aesthetics
We Come To You

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