Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to rejuvenate the look and feel of the skin. Chemical peels can help achieve a smoother and more radiant complexion.

The Vi Peel is a formula that rejuvenates aging skin and helps with prevention of further damage. Results include softer fine lines and wrinkles, evening overall skin tone, as well as smoothing rough textured skin.

This Vi Peel adds on a booster, which is ideal for candidates that have more advanced aging skin, with deeper lines and wrinkles.

The Vi Peel with the Precision Plus Booster helps targeted hyperpigmentation, or areas of darker skin. Precision Plus targets individuals with more severe sun spots and discoloration.

The Vi Peel with the Purify booster targets acne prone skin. Acne is the most common condition affecting individuals of all age ranges. Pores can become blocked and lead to breakouts. The Purify booster is formulated to clear out dead cells, open pores, kill bacteria, and soothe inflammation.

The Vi Peel with both Purify and Precision Plus boosters targets acne scars and skin damage. Ideal candidates are those who have suffered from acne and have continued the struggle with scars and pigmentation left behind. This formula fades scars over time, smooths texture, brightens darkened areas, as well as soothes inflammation and redness.


Chemical peels are used to improve facial appearance from acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, as well as uneven skin tone and texture. Chemical peels have the capability to work on both the epidermis and dermis. The process includes applying chemical solutions topically to the skin in a particular order. There are various grades of chemical peels, including light, medium and deep, for targeting a variety of concerns. Chemicals typically included are salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or carbolic acid. These create damage to the skin that induce peeling, with the underneath layer introducing a new smooth layer.

Chemical peels are used to rejuvenate and enhance facial appearance.

Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the type of chemical peel, skin type, and condition being treated. For some conditions, up to as many as 6 chemical peels may be recommended. Superficial, or light peels, can be done on a regular basis as maintenance to the skin. More damaging conditions such as sun damage, acne, enlarged pores, or even wrinkles can require a peel every 3-4 months. At anytime, peels are generally performed with 3-4 weeks between them in order to allow proper healing time.

Some improvements can be seen as soon as the peeling process is complete. On average, optimal results are frequently seen 2-3 weeks post treatment.

From light chemical peels, the healing process can take about 7 days. Medium chemical peels can take up to 2 weeks for full recovery. Deep peels can take up to 3 weeks for healing, with swelling and redness during the first week. General side effects include redness, peeling, and crusting. More severe side effects are rare, but include infection, scarring, and unwanted pigment change.

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