Hormone Therapy

Step 1
Consult & Blood Work

Schedule an initial visit for the physician to obtain basic information, current health concerns, and educate you on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Depending on the information discussed, the physician will order specific blood tests. Visit can be in person, or via video chat depending on your preference!

Step 2
Lab Review & Treatment

The second visit will consists of the physicians taking basic vitals, performing necessary physical exams, and reviewing your lab values. At this visit, a protocol will be put together according to your individualistic needs. Any necessary medications and supplements will be provided to you at your visit.

Step 3
Follow-Up Appointment

A follow up appointment will be scheduled 6 weeks after beginning the treatment protocol. At this visit, the physician will review progress, and determine if any necessary changes or additional blood work will be necessary.
Appointments available in person or video chat depending on your preference!

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses hormones that are derived from natural sources and have the same chemical composition that occurs naturally in our body. Hormones that are not bioidentical, are synthetically manufactured and may not follow or maintain proper breakdown within our systems. Fortunately, bioidentical hormones can bind to our receptors and function as if it were being produced within. Bioidentical hormones provide supplementation of hormones to treat imbalances that frequently occur. Common ailments treated in women include menopause/postmenopause, low sex drive, irregular menses, chronic fatigue, and weight concerns. For men, the most common conditions treated include andropause, lack of sex drive, weight gain or loss, and lethargy. There are many different hormones in the body, but the key contributors have many health benefits for both women and men.


Bioidentical hormones contain the exact same structure as the hormones that the body naturally produces. Previously synthetic hormones were the only type available. Synthetic hormones vary in chemical structure and therefore often times are ineffective or result in unwanted side effects. Both synthetic and bioidentical hormones are manufactured in a laboratory, but the benefit to bioidentical products their chemical structure is exactly the same as what we naturally produce.

Both women and men can suffer from hormone imbalances, and therefore are ideal candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Aging has a significant effect on hormones and can create symptoms that make individuals feel less like themselves. Common symptoms include fatigue, foggy brain, insomnia, muscle loss, and changes in sexual lifestyle. Women approaching, going through, or postmenopause suffering from mood swings, hot flashes, and weight gain can benefit from balancing their hormones. Aging triggers a process called andropause in men that can contribute to diminished testosterone levels, which can be supplemented.

Bioidentical hormones come in various delivery methods. Hormones can be administered through intramuscular injections, creams, oral pills, or sublingual tablets.

Bioidentical hormones can provide relief for nearly all of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, andropause, and other various imbalances. BHRT provides an individualized treatment plan, therefore dosing will vary person to person. Though results are not guaranteed, many people who undergo treatment feel rejuvenated and more youthful.

Consultation for BHRT includes the practitioner collecting a previous medical history, as well as current symptoms. During the consultation, the practitioner will analyze your symptoms, history, and lifestyle to determine the appropriate laboratory testing that will be needed. A plan will be devised and discussed in order to set up an optimal and individualized protocol, tailored to your needs.

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